Information for employers

The main direction of our company «Work & Trip», is a personnel throughout the territory of the CIS countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Canada. We have extensive experience in finding qualified experts of various professions.

In a short time we will find a professional, volunteer, or just a handyman helper for your company or family.

We have a large base of resumes and achievements in many sectors of the economy that allows for the selection of experts with high quality and successful.

Each candidate for the job goes through several stages, is:

  • Interviews with our employees
  • Filling a special questionnaire, with the further sending the questionnaire to the employer
  • Interview with the employer
  • Adoption of the candidate parties
  • The company «Work & Trip» organizes the delivery of the worker from his place of residence to place of work.

We can also arrange accommodations in the vicinity of the workplace.

We accompany the employee whole stay on the job as well if the employer is not satisfied with the employee for several reasons, it is not enough skill or conscientious approach to work, we provide another candidate.

Thus saving you time and money.


«Work & Trip»
Ukraine, Mykolayiv
Prospekt Lenina 24/8, office 52.
Tel. +38 095 929-07-70
Tel. +38 063 814-22-91
Viber: +38 095 929-07-70
Whatapp: +38 095 929-07-70
Skype: alekseevnk

Контактная информация:

г. Николаев, ул. Адмиральская 18/1
вход со двора.

тел. 073 777-92-21
тел. 066 777-92-21
тел. 096 777-92-21

График работы:
пн .- пт.: 10:00 — 19:00
суббота: 10:00 — 15:00
воскресенье: выходной.


О нас

Мы оказываем информационно-консультационные услуги по трудоустройству за рубежом, по оформлению загранпаспорта, оформлении виз гражданам Украины, подбор туров в любой уголок нашей планеты, страхование, административное и юридическое сопровождение. А также: языковые курсы, пассажирские перевозки по Европе, поиск, покупка, регистрация автомобиля в США и Европе